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ARMORTEX® - 7 Types of Technical Fabrics for Your Products with Outstanding Functionalities Requests

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Nam Liong is a Taiwan-based textile manufacturer, with a focus on industrial fabrics, protective fabrics, technical fabrics and bio-based rubber sponge for 50 years.

ARMORTEX® is a set of seven technical-oriented textiles designed with enriched functionalities. The rubber sponge is named BIO II™, it is the first and only USDA certified bio-based rubber sponge using biotechnology.

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NAM LIONG - A High-Performance Technical Fabric & Bio-Based Rubber Sponge Manufacturer

Based in Taiwan, Nam Liong Global Corporation is a technical fabric and bio rubber sponge manufacturer in the textile industry.

ARMORTEX® is a set of seven technical-oriented textiles designed with enriched functionalities. There is abrasion resistant fabric, cut resistant fabric, puncture resistant fabric, anti-slip fabric, stretchable fabric, reflective fabric, and flame retardant fabric for you to choose from. USDA, FSC™(License Code : FSC™ C181797) certified Bio-based BIO II™ rubber sponge is categorized based on the percentage of bio-rubber - 90%, 75%, 65% and 30%. Customers can select suitable rubber sponges to go with recycled nylon or polyester fabric for their products.

NAM LIONG has been offering world-class customers high-quality technical fabrics and bio rubber sponge since 1972, both with advanced technology and 50 years of experience, NAM LIONG ensures each customer's demands are met.

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