Earth-Friendly Neoprene-Free Bio Rubber Sponge For Your Environment Conscious Products

USDA BioPreferred Certified Rubber Contained Sponge

Nam Liong - A High-Performance Technical Fabric and Bio Rubber Sponge Manufacturer For 50 Years

  • Multi functional fabric KN-2547 from Nam-Liong
  • Bio-based rubber sponge BIO II

USDA BioPreferred

USDA BioPreferred

USDA, FSC™(License Code : FSC™ C181797) certified Bio-based BIO II™ rubber sponge is categorized based on the percentage of bio-rubber - 90%, 75%, 65% and 30%.

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BIO-II is a series of selective rubber sponges that are labelled based on the variation of their hardness, density, tensile and tear properties, content of rubber and ASTM tests. Please go to USDA's website to find out more. Contact Nam Liong Global Corporation Now To Get Your Technical Fabric Samples!


NAM LIONG - Earth-Friendly Neoprene-Free Bio Rubber Sponge For Your Environment Conscious Products

Based in Taiwan, Nam Liong Global Corporation is a technical fabric and bio rubber sponge manufacturer in the textile industry.

Nam Liong is a Taiwan-based fabric/textile manufacturer, with a focus on industrial fabrics, protective fabrics, technical fabrics and bio-based rubber sponge for 50 years. ARMORTEX® is a set of seven technical-oriented textiles designed with enriched functionalities. USDA and FSC™(License Code : FSC™ C181797) certified bio-based rubber sponge uses biotechnology. The fossil resources reduced rubber sponge - BIO II™ - can be fabricated into different products such as wetsuits for surfing, swimming, diving and more.

NAM LIONG has been offering world-class customers high-quality technical fabrics and bio rubber sponge since 1972, both with advanced technology and 50 years of experience, NAM LIONG ensures each customer's demands are met.

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